Toddle On Inn philosophy is the starting point of a child’s education is; what they CAN do, and NOT what they cannot do. At Toddle On Inn, we strive to equip each child to be happy, caring, interested, motivated, confident, and respectful of others.

Toddle On Inn believes that all children learn through first-hand experiences using all their senses, so every effort will be made to ensure that all children in our care receive the highest standard of care and education within the nursery which is child-centred.

Toddle On Inn encourages the parent to participate in their child’s development including general nursery life. The practitioner will always be at hand to discuss a child’s progress and development or to address any concerns.  Toddle On Inn strives to ensure that the time spent in the nursery by parents and their child will be a happy and positive experience.

At Toddle On Inn Nursery, we believe that children learn best when they:

  • Learn in a responsive and supportive social environment.
  • Learn through multi-sensory experience Participate in making decisions as much as possible.
  • Make choices and contribute to learning experiences.
  • Share their opinions and diverse experiences and discuss their learning.
  • Have positive role models within the staff team.
  • Participate actively in experiences that engage them emotionally, physically, cognitively and socially.