Aims & Objectives

To provide a high quality nurturing environment where the children come first. To encourage a caring atmosphere, through learn and play activities, where every child can have the freedom to express their individual personalities. Encouraging them to be constructive, and imaginative allowing their own unique character to blossom.

Providing positive experiences to ensure your child is given generous care and attention, due to our ratio of qualified staff to children, as well as our volunteer helpers. Your child will learn and develop by encouragement and by building on their current knowledge, they will be kept healthy and safe, and given a broad range of knowledge and skills for their future progression through school, and life as set out in the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage)

We look to create a team environment where every colleague has a duty of care, to value and respect each other, and any child in their care, based on a policy of equality and diversity, and add to the life and well-being of the local community.

We are working towards a better future for children and colleagues by creating an equal opportunities environment. We continually assess, develop and broaden the teams’ personal skills in caring for, and educating children. Using all sources available, particularly those issued by Government departments, and deliver a quality service as defined by the requirements of OfSTED.

Finding a Nursery for your child

Finding a Nursery for your child that is affordable, and of high quality can be a frustrating experience for parents. However, there is evidence that sending your child to a nursery that emphasises a child’s cognitive and social development can also improve a child’s performance when they attend school for the first time, and that the skills gained from attending nursery will support them throughout their lives.

It is important in these early years to find an excellent nursery school, at Toddle on Inn we have built an experienced Nursery Team that can provide your child with the key areas of the early learning goals which includes: physical health, emotional development, social development, motor development, language & communication development, and cognitive development. I believe with the right level of support your child will hit his or her developmental milestones with confidence, and at a pace appropriate to the individual child.

Your Child is Safe at Our Preschool

Your child’s development is a priority for us at our preschool, but his or her safety is paramount. To this end, the staff are trained in first aid and emergency procedures, with the added security of having cameras both inside and outside the premises, providing peace of mind.

We want you to know your child’s day went well and can update you regularly by e mail so you can monitor your child activities, it’s their future that is important, and this will give you the relevant information to help you understand your child’s progression or needs.

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