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Why Toddle On InnDaycare

We provide a high quality nurturing environment where the children come first. We encourage a caring atmosphere, through learn and play activities, where every child can have the freedom to express their individual personalities. Encouraging them to be constructive and imaginative allowing their own unique character to blossom.

Choosing the right nursery school

It is important in these early years to find an excellent nursery school, at Toddle on Inn we have built an experienced Nursery Team that can provide your child with the key areas of the early learning goals which includes: physical health, emotional development, social development, motor development, language & communication development, and cognitive development. I believe with the right level of support your child will hit his or her developmental milestones with confidence, and at a pace appropriate to the individual child.

  • Toddle On Inn Nursery is fully committed to providing a holistic inclusive environment indoors / outdoors from 8.00am – 6.00pm, 51 weeks of the year.  Toddle On Inn objective is that all children and staff including the community feel valued, supported, safe, secure and happy.
  • Toddle On Inn believes in nurturing and encourage all children to reach their full potential, by providing a wide range of meaningful experiences which allow each child to meet their individual needs and challenge their thinking both indoors and outdoors.

• As a parent, this is a crucial time when making decisions for childcare.

• We understand this is a daunting experience, especially for new parents. We at Toddle On Inn believe in cultivating a positive relationship with all our families. We aim to value each family’s individual uniqueness, by keeping the channels of communication open, having transparency, honest relationship based on mutual trust, understanding and respect.

• We aim to cultivate a child’s natural desire for discovery and learning and to encourage them to be independent, confident, happy and inquisitive in their future.

Toddle On Inn philosophy is the starting point of a child’s education is; what they CAN do, and NOT what they cannot do. At Toddle On Inn, we strive to equip each child to be happy, caring, interested, motivated, confident, and respectful of others.

Toddle On Inn believes that all children learn through first-hand experiences using all their senses, so every effort will be made to ensure that all children in our care receive the highest standard of care and education within the nursery which is child-centred.


Finding a Nursery for your child that is affordable, and of high quality can be a frustrating experience for parents. However, there is evidence that sending your child to a nursery that emphasises a child’s cognitive and social development can also improve a child’s performance when they attend school for the first time, and that the skills gained from attending nursery will support them throughout their lives.


We work towards a better future for children and colleagues by creating an equal opportunities environment. Continually assessing, developing and broadening the teams’ personal skills in caring for, and educating children, by using all sources available, particularly government departments, working towards best practice in all areas.

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